The Jeep® brand wins big at this year’s OFF ROAD magazine awards

The Jeep® brand wins big at this year’s OFF ROAD magazine awards

Few moments ago, a very new amazing pice of news, that was titled The Jeep® brand wins big at this year’s OFF ROAD magazine awards was revealed by: Jeep – Europe

With the intention to explain what Jeep – Europe reported, its possible to suggest that the essential key specified was:  *Jeep® models dominate 4×4 specialist OFF ROAD magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards with five top honours.*Jeep Renegade named ‘Best Compact SUV’ for the sixth year running.*Jeep Grand Cherokee is once again the most popular luxury off-road vehicle among the imported brands.*Jeep Wrangler claims second spot in both the ‘Off-roader’ (A category) and of the ‘Alternative Drives’ category with its 4xe version well ahead of its market launch.*Jeep Gladiator runner-up in the ‘Pick-up’ category – even before its market launch in Europe. Jeep® models have once again dominated the prestigious Readers’ Choice Awards of specialist German 4×4 magazine OFF ROAD. The brand took five top honours in the awards after the title’s knowledgeable readers were asked to pick the very best 4×4 vehicles and SUVs of the market from a massive field of 248 models across 13 categories. The big winner was the Jeep Renegade which was crowned ‘Best Compact SUV’ (D category) for an incredible sixth consecutive year.Beating 19 other models to retain the title, the Renegade was praised for its class-leading 4×4 capability combined with unmistakable Jeep design. The flagship Jeep Grand Cherokee meanwhile, was named the best imported luxury off-roader and was second overall in the ‘Luxury Off-Roader’ (B Category). Not to be outdone, the iconic Jeep Wrangler, achieved second place in the ‘Off-Roader’ A category, taking  28.4 percent of the expert readers’ votes  –  only 0.6 percent less than the winner and well ahead of the third-placed model (15.1 percent).Jeep Wrangler also took second place in the ‘Alternative Drives’ category  –  a particularly important recognition ahead of the launch of the  Wrangler 4xe model with plug-in hybrid technology. Also well in advance of its European market debut, the all-new Jeep Gladiator took the second place in the ‘Pick-up’ C category. The OFF ROAD Awards were started in 1982, giving enthusiastic readers of the specialist 4×4 magazine the chance to vote for their favourite models.

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