Statement Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Conference Call Quarterly Report to 30 June 2020

Just a few hours ago, an original great article, with the established title Statement Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Conference Call Quarterly Report to 30 June 2020 was presented in the press room: BMW

In a nutshell, BMW said that Ladies and Gentlemen!Recent months have been marked by the massive impact of global measures to contain Covid-19.At the BMW Group:*We still achieved positive Group earnings before taxes in the first half of the year.*We have always kept the company running.*And all vehicle projects are coming to market as planned.It’s also clear: There remains great uncertainty.. It boasts:*An electric range of over 500 km, according to NEDC, and 460 km in WLTP.*A drive train we developed and produced in-house, including an electric engine without rare earths.*The latest version of BMW Operating System 7, including over-the-air updates.We are currently hosting our Electric Days in Munich.Media representatives will have the chance to drive and experience our full range of electrified vehicles for themselves – including the new BMW 545e that will be available starting autumn.. As the Board of Management, we want to be measured by what we achieve.Our ambitious targets up to 2030 are as follows:*Use phase: minus 40 percent CO2 per vehicle.*Production: minus 80 percent CO2 per vehicle.*Supply chain: minus 20 percent CO2 per vehicle – reversing the trend by which CO2 would actually rise as a result of increasing e-mobility.The aim is to reduce total carbon emissions per vehicle by at least a third across all these phases.. The initiative’s overall aim is that science-based target setting becomes standard business practice – and corporations will play a major role in driving down greenhouse gas emissions.Let’s begin with our vehicle fleet:We will continue to expand e-mobility on a large scale:*In ten years, we aim to have delivered more than seven million electrified vehicles to customers in total – two thirds of them will be fully electric.*By 2023, we will have 25 electrified models in our line-up.

Along the influential information on this news release, vehicle was specified and its contemplated to be a leading view on this question. We can already see the way in which the increase in dialogue between the different productive sectors guarantees the contribution of an important group in determining the conventional operating modes. The markets are now recovering – but at varying speeds and different levels of intensity.*In China, we were once again able to deliver more vehicles to customers in the second quarter than in the same period last year – with growth of almost 17 percent.*In Europe and the Americas, on the other hand, second-quarter deliveries were significantly lower.What matters now is how robust this upward trend is and when individual markets will follow suit.. As expressed before, vehicle caught our attention uniquely for the density in the article hoping to hand the report.

Enclosed by the serious data on this press release, year has been quoted and its considered to be a vital perception on this case. In this sense, the Internet phenomenon prepares us to face atypical situations resulting from the communication process as a whole. For young apprentices this year, nothing will change: We are hiring again at the same high level as in 2019.Parallel to these measures, we have fundamentally sharpened our Performance Programme and extended it until the end of 2021.. As expressed before, year draw our mind uniquely for the logic in the piece of information hoping to deliver the report.

Like we declared about before, co2 draw our consideration specifically for the argumentation inside the article in order to bring the message. We realize, more and more, that understanding the proposed goals is one of the consequences of strategic knowledge to achieve excellence. with the vital info explained on this press release, co2 has been mentioned and its advised to be a basic approach on this case.

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Involved in the big info above this pice of news, percent was mentioned and its contemplated to be a primary perception on this topic. {In a similiar form, the execution of the program points assumes important positions in the establishment of positions of the governing bodies in relation to their duties. More than 61,600 vehicles is an increase of 3.4 percent.In July there was a real push: Sales of our electrified BMW and MINI models were up more than 50 percent year on year.. Like we declared about before, percent caught our attention uniquely for the density in the piece of news in order to hand over the information.