ROLLS-ROYCE reveals what takes to achive extraordinary acoustic quality

ROLLS-ROYCE reveals what takes to achive extraordinary acoustic quality

To create a feeling of total serenity, the acoustic team started by modifying the brand’s patented aluminium spaceframe design, which in effect provides advantages owing to the higher acoustic impedance of aluminum relative to steel and its production from dynamic structures rather than smooth, resonant surfaces. A double-skinned bulkhead portion was chosen to fill the cabin with more than 100 kg of sound-absorbing materials from the already near-silent 6.75-liter V12 engine and cavities in the roof, boot and board. In addition, double-glazed windows with a translucent plastic center layer were used as well as tires filled with soft acoustic insulation foam.

When the sound stage had been developed, each part was obsessively tested for its acoustic properties. At the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, West Sussex, those that created intolerable amounts of noise were scrapped and entirely replaced to best reflect the need for serenity of the consumers.

To express these observations the company used the familiar and esthetically pleasing format of animated illustrations. Created first by renowned illustrator Charlie Davis, they were animated to reflect these results cohesively and visually in a manner that suits the extremely radical modern Ghost.

Rolls-Royce has decided to reveal aspects of these internal presentations to show the technical material underpinning this remarkable new model car ahead of the final launch this year in the fall.

Experts from the marque called the Formula for Serenity as this comprehensive method. These experts discussed the acoustic advancements they had developed since their launch, demonstrating how such groundbreaking innovations would meet the demands of new Ghost customers.