Few moments ago, another new great news release, called ROLLS-ROYCE REVEALS NEW GHOST EXTENDED was circulated by the brand: Rolls-Royce

With the intention to establish a portrayal of what Rolls-Royce affirmed, its possible to affirm that the vital subject mentioned was: #rollsroyceghost*The most rear legroom in a four-seat sedan with the exception of Phantom Extended*170mm longer than Ghost, offering greater space and legroom for rear-seat occupants*Provides enhanced rear comfort with no compromise to driving dynamics*Presents own identity within minimalist Post-Opulent design philosophyNew Ghost is the result of in-depth dialogue with Rolls-Royce’s diverse and global customer base.. For example, sophisticated bodywork forms are only achievable through advanced generative design and 3D printing. This is the first time this technology has been incorporated within a component production facility and combined with Rolls-Royce’s craft and engineering competencies.For Ghost Extended, beam-melted metal components are welded to the body-in-white, while parts made by multi-jet fusion and selective laser sintering are individually fitted at the Home of Rolls-Royce.More traditional craft is given a contemporary expression through the introduction of two new wood finishes, developed especially for Ghost.

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