Paddy Hopkirk: Gentleman, legend in the classic Mini and fifth Beatle.

Paddy Hopkirk: Gentleman, legend in the classic Mini and fifth Beatle.

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Summing-up, Mini said that And because he had such a taste for adventure and had never driven on Soviet roads, Hopkirk registered voluntarily to start the race in Minsk in 1964. He started off successfully, and along the country roads in France a duel quickly developed between Hopkirk driving the Mini Cooper S and Swedish driver Bo Ljungfeldt in the Ford Falcon. In 1968, Paddy Hopkirk highlighted his reputation as a fair sportsman and gentleman in the London-Sydney Marathon when he and his co-pilot Tony Nash stopped their Austin, which was in the lead, in order to rescue a team from their burning car that had been involved in a serious accident.At the beginning of the 1970s, Paddy Hopkirk retired from professional rallying and built up a career importing automobiles to his homeland of Northern Ireland and the sale of accessory products sold under the brand named after him.

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