New partnership: “Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti”

New partnership: “Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti”

Today, a few moments back, a brand new good announcement, that was entitled New partnership: “Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti” was presented in the press room: Bugatti

In summary, Bugatti informed that “French Racing” guarantees more, emotional moments – some of the masterpieces proudly and respectfully bear France’s characteristic racing blue supplemented by details with subtle quotes about the origin of the Bugatti brand.Connoisseurs of the Bugatti brand will recognise numerous details and design elements, such as the black and blue carbon fibres, legendary horseshoe radiator and exciting two-tone contrasts, just completely true to the motto of the “Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti” cooperation: “Experience the Extraordinary”.Illusion Chiron and Grande Illusion Chiron multifunction safesThe Grande Illusion Chiron is the most exciting eye-catcher of the Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti collection.

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