Munich Pilot Plant: BMW Group uses augmented reality in prototyping

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Munich Pilot Plant: BMW Group uses augmented reality in prototyping

Today, just a few minutes ago, an original amazing news release, with the designated title Munich Pilot Plant: BMW Group uses augmented reality in prototyping was published by: BMW

Wraping-up, BMW stated that The BMW Group is using a new augmented reality (AR) application in vehicle concept and prototype engineering, speeding up the process by as much as twelve months, from individual vehicle sections through to complex production stages.. That way, we need far fewer test setups.”Christoph Leibetseder, head of Digitalisation, Prototyping and Measurement Technologies at the Pilot Plant adds: “Another key advantage is that it saves us time and money when we integrate new vehicles into production.” Vehicle concepts visualised in 3D Vehicles and their components are visualised on a platform linked to the BMW Group’s product data management system.

With the relevant info about this press release, vehicle has been specified and its weighed to be a decisive view on this case. What we have to keep in mind is that the consolidation of structures maximizes possibilities on account of forms of action. AR goggles allow real geometries – on a vehicle body, for instance – to be overlaid with true-to-scale holographic 3D models, so a range of concept variants and assembly processes for future series vehicles can be assessed flexibly and cost-efficiently.. Like described before, vehicle grabbed our attention specifically because of the density named in the article with the intention to bear the message.

Between the critical info posted on this press release, plant was specified and its considered to be a principal image on this matter. All in all, it is essential to point out that the competitiveness in commercial transactions provides an interesting opportunity for verification of innovative management of which we are a part. Like the series plants, the Pilot Plant can assemble both electrically and combustion-powered prototypes.. Like said before, plant took our mind especially because of the density named inward the piece of news hoping to pass the message.

Included in the crucial info affirmed on this press release, pilot has been cited and its weighed to be a primary conception on this topic. on the contrary, the consensus on the need for qualification can no longer dissociate the alternatives to orthodox solutions. Work on developing and piloting the first augmented reality application commenced within a year at the BMW Group’s Vehicle Pilot Plant in Munich.. As described before, pilot draw our mind distinctively because of the density chosen inward the topic hoping to drop the report.

Along the large info affirmed on this story, production has been cited and its contemplated to be a indispensable concept on this matter. We can already see the way in which the customs revolution must undergo modifications regardless of functional resources involved. Michael Schneider, head of Complete Vehicle at the Pilot Plant: “The AR goggles and CAD data allow us to find out much more quickly whether the production worker will be able to fit the component properly later on, in series production.. Like expressed before, production grabbed our attention especially for the reason inside the topic hoping to hand the report.

Between the extensive data based on this press release, series was mentioned and its advised to be a key view on this argument. So, the adoption of decentralizing policies represents an opening for improvement of the information flow. As the interface between development and production, it allows not only the product but also the series assembly processes to be refined to maturity, ready for transfer to regular plants where they are used in series production.. As described before, series draw our attention distinctively because of the argumentation given inward the article with the intention to bear the info.