Mercedes displays a new interior for the S-Class

Mercedes displays a new interior for the S-Class

Today, Mercedes has released an image for the new inteior of the S-Class. With LED technology that makes for a  dynamic interior illumination an responsive ambient lighting, now built into driving support systems which can visually endorse warnings.

The new LED technology allows dynamic interior illumination: successful ambient lighting is now built into driving assistance systems which can support visual warnings. For starters, Active Blind Spot Assist warns of an impending accident with a red light animation.

In fact, responsive ambient illumination is built into the ENERGIZING COMFORT System. By click of a button or by voice instruction, the comprehensive "Fit & Well" method offers practical knowledge of some of the substantially advanced comfort systems in the S-Class and features services that connect them to realms of knowledge.

The S-Class has always been a spot to travel comfortably and to demonstrated the efficacy. The interior has completely developed with the young generation into a "third spot," a sanctuary between the home and the workplace. On the front as well as on the rear seats, nearly all comfort-related measurements on both models, the S-Class with short and long wheelbase, were changed.

The perception of room is also accommodating. This influence is complemented by a groundbreaking interior design, with the fusion of interior design and yacht design features. In addition to up to five cameras, the highlights include large design elements in the dashboard and the rear (with the First Tier rear suite).