Lamborghini announces the SCV12! An hypercar for the tracks!

Lamborghini announces the SCV12! An hypercar for the tracks!

Lamborghini has just announced the Squadra Corse’s track-only hypercar, the SCV12, is ready! The development programme has ended and the car has it´s première scheduled for summer 2020!

The new Lamborghini car will combine light weight, increased aerodynamics, and the most powerful V12 engine produced by Lamborghini to this date to produce 830hp! With this numbers the SCV12 debute on the hypercar category and like all of the cars made by Lamborghini, its expected to make some noise!

The SCV12 takes advantage of the  Squadra Corse’s GT motorsport expertise, and all its racing experience to develop a car with  increased aerodynamic efficiency and higher downforce levels than a GT3.

The car is developed exclusively for the tracks and has a front bonnet with double air intake and a central rib made to direct the airflow to the ram-air intake scoop located on the roof with the purpose to direct air pressure created by the car’s movement to increase static air pressure in the engine’s intake manifold. This creates a greater airflow through the engine and increase the power.

According to Lamborghini the lucky ones whot get a change to buy one of these cars will be able to participate in advanced driving programmes at some of the world’s most prestigious circuits, with the technical assistance of Squadra Corse engineers.