Joshua Rogers wins at Le Mans and keeps the title fight open

The ideias race, rogers, coanda, job, i and bull were in the important topics between the news recently reported by Porsche in the their current pice of news: Joshua Rogers wins at Le Mans and keeps the title fight open

Summing-up, Porsche explained that Joshua Rogers wins at Le Mans and keeps the title fight open09/26/2020 The duel for the championship crown in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup remains gripping to the end.. Clinching second place in the sprint and a victory in the main race on the virtual Circuit de la Sarthe in Le Mans, Joshua Rogers has pushed the title decision out to the season finale at Monza.******Facebook *Twitter *LinkedIn The overall points’ leader Sebastian Job (GB/Red Bull Racing Esport) employed clever tactics in both races and scored valuable points with fourth and second place.. At the big showdown of the virtual one-make cup in two weeks, run on the iRacing simulation platform, the British sim racer needs just six points to take home the championship crown. Clinching his seventh pole position this season, title defender Joshua Rogers (Australia/VRS Coanda Simsport) once again underlined his qualifying prowess.

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Bounded by the far-reaching information reporeted on this news release, i has been quoted and its contemplated to be a fundamental approach on this argument. In this sense, the continuous development of different forms of action provides an interesting opportunity for verification of survey of the variables involved. His closest rival Sebastian Job started from the sixth grid spot.. Like we declared about before, i draw our consideration specially because of the reason named inward the topic planning to hand over the report.