Highly sought expertise: Porsche Engineering in Shanghai

Highly sought expertise: Porsche Engineering in Shanghai

Just a few hours ago, a very new different press release, with the identified title Highly sought expertise: Porsche Engineering in Shanghai was presented by: Porsche

As reported by Porsche, Highly sought expertise: Porsche Engineering in Shanghai09/07/2020 In Shanghai, around 75 Porsche Engineering employees work on automated driving, e-mobility and complex chassis and electrics/electronics systems.. The site has cutting-edge test facilities and underlines the storied tradition of more than 25 years of engineering services in China.******Facebook *Twitter *LinkedIn Not far from the world-famous Shanghai International Circuit, home to the Chinese Grand Prix, is the town of Anting – one of China’s earliest and most important automotive hubs.. Today, Kurt Schwaiger and his team can support Chinese customers in developing vehicles, while ensuring western customers know valuable details concerning the Chinese market.Naikai Du Senior, Senior Manager of Electric & Electronics With major changes in the market, Porsche Engineering’s expertise is becoming ever more sought-after.. “We save so much time now that we can run the important tests right here and right away,” says Naikai Du, who is also responsible for HiL test rig development in Anting.Ben Wang, Software Development Manager High-power charging for electric vehicles is another major topic in China, where a huge market for electric cars is emerging.

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