Harrier, the new SUV model by Toyota

Harrier, the new SUV model by Toyota

Toyota has announced the release of the new model Harrier in Japan. The SUV focous on elegance, simplicity and robustness. WIth a high quality interior, the new model comes with good performance and a few different packages.

With a beautiful design, the new Harrier uses the TNGA (GA-K) platform as its basic structure. In this way, a high-rigidity body with a low center of gravity is formed to pursue riding comfort and vehicle driving performance, while paying attention to the driver's sensitivity.

The new SUV combines confort with convenience and even brings the options for a premium JBL sound system and a Digital Inner Mirror.

The Harrier unites simplicity, elegance and robustness in a fluid coupe shape making a clear distinction from other SUVs. Its high-quality interior space provides a feeling of security from the first moment inside the cabin. As the vehicle starts, a sense of comfort is generated through responsive driving performance, while the quiet cab naturally leads to pleasant conversations with friends. Spending time with the new Harrier will be an enriching experience.

As mentioned by Toyota: "From the first moment seeing, riding, or driving off in the new Harrier, it resonates with a focus on sensory quality. Rather than relying on utility or numerical performance, Toyota's development goal was to create a unique presence that fills the heart with its elegance. "

There were no mentions on the press release about when the new model will be coming to other countries,