BMW begins test drives with the new M3 Touring

BMW begins test drives with the new M3 Touring

The new BMW still a long way from production, but already enters a test drive period.

It is not the first time that both the M group and the BMW M engineers have been intrigued with the possibility of moving it design layout to the BMW M3. The M-specific performance coupled with an improvement in the usable room and the intelligent features of the Touring platform – previously reserved solely for the BMW M5. Both in its second iteration in 1992 and in its fourth version in 2007, the high-performance company sedan was followed by Touring.

The goal was then to show that the high versatility and smooth incorporation of high-performance sports cars with different body designs could be integrated into the BMW M3 manufacturing cycle. The sixth generation of the BMW M3 does not stop with pure theoretical concerns and a product-technical test sequence.

According to BMW, it provides a lot of fun and accuracy. There was no longer any more practical versatility possible in a thoroughbred sports car and part of this is attributed to the 6-cylinder M TwinPower turbo engine.

Five doors and a extremely flexible baggage compartment are just what followers of this brand have been hoping for. As the fourth model version, the BMW M3 Touring fulfills the expectations of all those who want to carry the M-specific interplay between racing-oriented efficiency and daily suitability to the limit.

No performance details are avaliable at the moment.