American Honda Sales Continue Recovery, Despite Inventory Issues and COVID-19 Business Challenges

American Honda Sales Continue Recovery, Despite Inventory Issues and COVID-19 Business Challenges

Today, just a few hours back, another brand new good pice of information, with its title nominated as American Honda Sales Continue Recovery, Despite Inventory Issues and COVID-19 Business Challenges was posted by the brand: Honda Cars – America

Focusing to establish a summary of what Honda Cars – America informed, its possible to state that the leading key mentioned was: Steady sales reflect good demand while variable supplies limit potentialAmerican HondaQ2 Total293,502-27.9%Cars122,665-34.5%Trucks170,837-22.3%  Total27,458-26.5%Cars6,828-33.8%Trucks20,630-23.8%  Total266,044-28.1%Cars115,837-34.5%Trucks150,207-22.1% American HondaJune Total114,774-15.5%Cars45,886-25.9%Trucks68,888-6.9%  Total12,071-0.6%Cars2,684-15.9%Trucks9,3874.8%  Total102,703-17%Cars43,202-26.4%Trucks59,501-8.5%American Honda Q2 Total293,502-27.9%Cars122,665-34.5%Trucks170,837-22.3%Total27,458-26.5%Cars6,828-33.8%Trucks20,630-23.8%Total266,044-28.1%Cars115,837-34.5%Trucks150,207-22.1%American Honda June Total114,774-15.5%Cars45,886-25.9%Trucks68,888-6.9%Total12,071-0.6%Cars2,684-15.9%Trucks9,3874.8%Total102,703-17%Cars43,202-26.4%Trucks59,501-8.5%“We’ve returned to business with April to June sales stronger than we could have expected, with the pace of recovery accelerating in the second half of the quarter,” said Dave Gardner, executive vice president of Auto Sales at American Honda Motor Co., Inc.  “We’re running a bit lean on inventory, but our dealers have been remarkably nimble in adapting to one of the greatest challenges our industry has ever seen and our production team is working extra days this week to supply our customers.  Now, we anxiously anticipate the arrival of the all-new Acura TLX to bring some real excitement to Acura showrooms.”American Honda COVID-19 Support: The Honda and Acura brands are offering select and eligible first responders and healthcare professionals a $1,000 discount on new vehicles financed or leased through Honda Financial Services or Acura Financial Services through July 6. BRAND REPORT Sales HighlightsJune sales continued the recovery that started in May, though supply issues limited sales potential on several fronts.  Still, truck sales came within 8.5% of June 2019.*Pilot sales topped June 2019, rising 4.7% on sales of 12,128 units.*CR-V posted a solid performance with sales of 26,488 vehicles.*Civic continues to lead the industry in passenger car retail sales in 2020, strengthened by sales of 23,260 units in June.Model NotesHonda ranks #1 in America with the highest fleet average fuel economy and lowest CO2 emissions of any full-line automaker. BRAND REPORT Sales HighlightsAcura sales returned to a normal pace in June, virtually equaling the previous June sales with trucks leading the way.*Acura truck sales climbed a total of 4.8% in June.*RDX had its strongest sales month since December, gaining 11.1% over June 2019 on sales of 5,410 units.*MDX deliveries reached 3,977 for the month, also its best sales result since December Model NotesThe all-new 2021 Acura TLX arrives early this fall as the brand’s quickest, best-handling and most well-appointed sedan in the brand’s 35-year history.

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