20 years later: retrospective on the FX – an interview with INFINITI Design

20 years later: retrospective on the FX – an interview with INFINITI Design

Few hours back, another very new amazing announcement, that was titled 20 years later: retrospective on the FX – an interview with INFINITI Design was circulated by: Infiniti USA

To make sense what Infiniti USA informed, its possible to suggest that the prime subject specified was: “INFINITI was in a revolutionary moment, because the G Coupe was also being dreamed at a similar timing and this very simple, minimal design language of the body, the package which they share, with the hood being longer and the cabins being slid back and very sleek.This vibe was in the studio at that time and although I do feel that both vehicles have a uniqueness on their own, they were both quintessentially INFINITI.Even today when I see an FX, it’s like seeing an ideal moment that was captured by the team.” Taisuke Nakamura, senior design director for Global INFINITI, describes the FX and how it shaped INFINITI design in the years since it was launched:          Q.

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