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Welcome to the Virtual Car Club!

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic car enthusiasts form all over the world noticed not only a big slow down form the automotive industry but also a very inconvenient break on most local “Cars n Coffee” meetings.

This meant a scarcity of information and in a lot of cases, an undesired break for personal car projects and even for our track days.

Although all the problems above cannot be compared to much bigger issues that came from COVID-19 pandemic, we as car enthusiasts, still felt lost during this period.

That’s how the idea for a Virtual Car Club began! A place to connect with other car enthusiasts, share information and have fun!

Inspired by the “home office movement” that started all over the world to increase social distancing, our website started as a small home project and evolved to a more complete platform.

Now, after a few months of development, the website is running on a small operation, but improving each day!