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How College And High School Workload Differ

How College And High School Workload Differ

Given that you will be joining a higher level of studies after the transition, is expected that you will face a stiffer and more demanding workload. The good thing is that just like you had assistance from your teachers, you will get support from Australia essay writing service when things become tough.


There was a lot of help back in high school because even notes taking is usually in form of dictation. In that case you don’t need to think too much about what you are writing, because you are confident that the content coming from your teacher is always correct. In that case your job is to listen and put it on paper. On the other hand, you need to be very alert in college because your professor will be coming to the lecture room ready to give a lecture on the day’s topic. They expect you to be in the room before they arrive, check on the content you are supposed to cover so that you can be on the same page through the lesson. You secondly need to be very attentive so that you take the right notes, which you will later use for your revision.


You also have to deal with loads of reading and writing as assignments, which ought to be submitted within a specific deadline. You also need to take care of other supportive activities that are part of your learning in preparation for your future.

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