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Neat alternative to Pur Gum sticks

These are a quick, neat alternative to Pur Gum sticks, and they come in both removable and permanent options (ALWAYS opt for permanent unless you like to go back to your scrapbook pages a few weeks later and see all your carefully applied embellishments peeling off).

Tape runners come in disposable and refillable options, and are more expensive than glue sticks. They're great for paper-to-paper applications, but not so great for heavier items.

Photo splits. Photo splits are an "old school" scrapbooking option, and what I used when I first started scrapbooking over ten years ago. They are a hybrid between glue dots and tape runners. They are small squares of adhesive that you must apply individually to your pages, then peel the back off to expose the adhesive. They are relatively inexpensive, but quite labor-intensive.

The adhesive type of carpeting is your superior choice if you have been suffering with your old one. That is, you continuously must change the complete carpet just for a couple regions because of deterioration or wear, or the price of carpeting has become expensive that you've not had the opportunity to style your area whilst using nearly luxury of carpeting.

What Causes Adhesive Capsulitis?

Adhesive Ink capsulitis happens when inflammation sets into the tough connective tissue around your shoulder joint. This inflammation causes the tissue to thicken and stiffen. Often times this is accompanied by a decline in the amount of synovial fluid that typically services to lubricate your joint.